Why birth photography?

to document one of the most important events in your entire life.

Our clients know that birth goes by in a blur of emotions and chaos. They know that long after the day is gone, they will want to revisit the feelings they felt that day. They value the raw emotion that is experienced as a family grows in numbers and in love. Our mission is to provide real and beautiful images of a baby's birth story from start to finish. A typical birth story will include photos of labor, delivery, and bonding afterwards, and showcases all the love, support, and hard work that goes into creating a family. 

Photo by: Kate Anderson

Photo by: Kate Anderson

Photo by: Kerry Stark

Photo by: Kerry Stark

Why Baltimore Birth Photographers?


Our team consists of 4 talented women, all proud to call ourselves mothers, professional photojournalists and storytellers. As moms, we are knowledgable about labor and birth space and can adapt to our roles easily as you need. We respect the energy of the day as well as the space and the skills needed to perform professionally. We understand that we aren't part of the story, but there to wholeheartedly to document your story. We strive to tell a comprehensive and honest depiction about the events that unfold in a sensitive way. We love getting to know our families beforehand so we are all comfortable working together when the big day arrives!

Our Packages


Our packages include:

  • Guaranteed attendance of one of our photographers on your family's special day
  • Intimate and memorable photographs of your birth
  • A gallery of edited, digital images
  • Additional sessions, prints, and products available

to book:

  • Choose a photographer you believe you'd like best and email us with your interest. You can find more information on each of our photographers here.

  • Can't choose? Have more questions? No worries! Simply contact us for availability and booking details.