Miranda Butzlaff


HI I'M Miranda!

I started learning about birth photography because my son was born via an unexpected, emergency c-section in 2010. He was my first child and I was looking forward to seeing his first moments of life -- that didn't happen. At the time I didn't know that birth photography was even a thing. So while he was whisked away from me to be weighed and measured and bathed I was still in the OR. While he was meeting his dad and family that came to see him, I was isolated in the recovery room. I didn't get to meet my son until 2 hours after he was born and I will never get those first moments with him back.



I am a wife and a mother to 3 children (7, 4, & 1). I was in the Marine Corps. We have lived in 6 states in almost as many years. My husband is active duty Army. I enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on! We travel as much as possible (our favorite so far has been our disney cruise!). I was born in Wyoming and raised in a tiny town in Colorado.


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